About Pastor Prince Raj

Pastor Prince Raj is from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. He has obtained his Diploma in Theological studies in 2001 from Life Bible College accredited from United States of American (Twining Programme) which was organized by Christ Community College, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. He has also attended and acquired much practical training from various scopes of ministries from the time of conversion in the year 2000 and determined to serve the Body of Christ with such undivided passion to see to it that the church is moving towards fulfilling God’s plan forming an army of warriors that wil be ready against every onslaughts of the enemy and a church without blemish in this end times.

He also received his certifications in Apostolic Impartation for Ministry (AIM) in August 2004 for one month Intensive Course by Dr Jonathan David School of Ministries at Muar, Johor, Malaysia and also had attended the same school for another course called The School of the Prophets for two weeks intensive training in May 2005 to sharpen the understanding of the Prophetic outlook facing the churches in today’s world. This course actually prepared him to receive his first commissioning grace for a special invitation to minister outside Pastor Prince has then been actively involved at the Street Work at Chow Kit Kuala Lumpur (Black Area) about two years and resumed as Executive Secretary to the Board of The Gospel of Salvation Missions Society (GOSM) which takes care of the affairs for the marginalized & impeded people in the city centre by caring, serving, ministering to them with spiritual food, providing them with natural food daily, housing them at the respective rehabilitation homes for total deliverance and recuperation for their health. This work of God allows him to learn to extend the true compassionate heart of God to those who are less fortunate in their course of life by bringing and extending the caring hands of God to them.

He also served con-currently with Dr Benjamin George from the Discipleship Ministry making an impact towards reaching out to the local churches in many parts of Malaysia by preaching along with him about the importance of proper discipleship in the churches today in cultivating & bringing out a company of people who can emulate Christ in their character because of the importance of the Great Commission of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the church. This work allowed him to be thoroughly trained to submit to the leadership that is above him in order to receive the proper counsel and approval of God on his life as a new upcoming minister of God.

He also served as a board member of a national event for Malaysia by taking key position role as the Assistant Chairman cum Treasurer and assisting the team for the success of the conference which was held on October, 2006 in Kuala Lumpur. This corporate event has brought many church leaders and their members into experiencing personal transformation in their lives and also corporately, they were highly inspired and challenged to live for God until they want to bear witness the power of the transformation that will take place in Malaysia as it has already taken place in many other parts of the world. This movement was first introduced by George Otis Junior globally.

In January 2007, he was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel which carries the title of a Full Ordained Pastor under the covering of Rev. Dr Amos Jayaratnam from the Global Missions International, Singapore and actively serving in Indonesia and other nations which are opened to him to deliver God’s word. Rev.Dr Amos Jayaratnam is his Spiritual Father in many areas of his life and is serving closely under his spiritual guidance. In Indonesia, he has ministered to many churches and also has spoken many times in their local radio channels and also appeared live coverage on their local television bringing about the message of God to the people over there. Currently, he finds much grace in the area of business because of his wide understanding of how to apply the Biblical patterns into the workplace that God has anointed him to pioneer and raise up at this hour.

Pastor Prince strongly believes that God’s Word confirms that the wealth of the wicked are stored up for the righteous of the Lord and therefore he has great passion to bring this truth quickly to many new entrepreneurs who is venturing into the business arena. He owns a trading company which trades with many health and beauty products from local and overseas market and he is also actively involved in the investment and property market as the returns and gains are very rewarding and highly lucrative. He has sharp prophetic insights in regards to position any given individual who possesses entrepreneurial spirit by guiding them through until they become successful and also bringing their business to be at the edge of an enterprising status.

Many fellow ministers have testified that he has great potential of becoming a Market Strategist in the coming days. He feels that God is bringing a complete restoration of the five fold ministries to equip and to teach the ordinary believers in how to adequately train to reach out to the lost without even being in any of the full time offices as stated in the Book of Ephesians. Many new up and coming breed of ministers shall be greatly favored by the Lord will be to those without a title of a Pastor but known as a Minister in the Market Place. This then allow the majority of the people of God who are in their workplace to influence the non believers into the faith in Jesus Christ.

He strongly affirms that the end time move will be at the market place because this will be the last frontier for the battle against the enemy by bringing the lost into the Holy Place for a complete transformation of lives forever.

Lastly, he is a committed, and a disciplined man of God who loves to sing and worship God with all his might and with every ounce of his energy, solely dedicated to live for Him until Christ returns to this earth in these last days.

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Executive Secretary (2002-2004)

The Gospel of Salvation Missions Society (GOSM) View

Discipleship Ministry (2005)

Dr Benjamin George Sr.

Assistant Chairman cum Treasurer (2006)

National Transformation Conference (NTC), held in Glad Tidings PJ

Country Chairman (2007)

South Asian Global Convention, held in UK, London

Organizing Chairman National Prophetic Conference (2008)

Domain Alliances, held in FGA KL View

President (2017)

Kingdom Executive Network (KEN) International, Indonesia View

MIM Malaysia (2018)

Man in the Mirror, Grace Klang Chapter
Man in the Mirror,  PJ51A

Certified Facilitator (2019)

Wagner Leadership Institute Malaysia (Compass) View
Finances God’s Way Small Group Trainer (Compass) View

Man of Impact (2020)

Man of Impact Facilitator via Zoom